1 Free Action

Error Range


A character may wait to see what other combatants do by voluntarily reducing his Initiative Count by 1 (permanently setting himself up to act during the lower Initiative Count). A character may perform a maximum number of Delay actions per round equal to his Initiative bonus +10, at which point he must act or forfeit his chance to act during the round.

Example: Kevin’s Initiative Count is 22 and his Initiative bonus is +5. He may perform the Delay action up to 15 times per round. During the current round, he may use this action to reduce his Initiative Count to a minimum of 7 before he must act or forfeit the chance to act during the current round. Kevin decides to act on Initiative Count 10, so his Initiative Count is 10 at the start of the following round.

This action may not decrease a character’s Initiative Count below 5.

When two or more characters perform Delay actions during the same Initiative Count, they act before all other combatants during their following Initiative Count, in standard Initiative order.

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