An invisible character is physically masked from view usually due to a Covert feat or super-science gear. He automatically becomes hiddenA character or object whose location is unknown to 1 or more opponents is hidden from those opponents. An opponent may not physically target a character who is hidden from him with any action requiring line of sight or any skill check with the Vision tag. Further, when a character makes an attack against an opponent within Melee Range from whom he is hidden, the target is considered to be flanked, even if no teammate or ally is located on the other side of him. If the target is unaware that any enemies are present, he is considered vulnerable during this attack as well. Immediately following the attack, the character ceases to be hidden from the target. at the end of each round during which he moves at least 5 ft. from his starting position as his last action during the round. Further, when an opponent targets the character with any attack or skill check, the opponent is considered blindedA blinded character is vulnerable and cannot see anything. His result cap with each skill check possessing the Vision tag is reduced by 20 (minimum 0). Further, his targets gain a bonus to Defense, and his opponents gain a +2 bonus with attack checks made against him. Finally, a blinded character’s Speed is reduced to 1/2 standard (rounded down). . While an invisible character is at least 25% covered with a visible material, or moves more than 5 ft. through any environment that may be disturbed by his passing (e.g. moderate or heavier rain, at least 2 ft. of leaves or snow, etc.), this condition is lost.

Spycraft 2.0
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