Joint Action




1 Full Action

Error Range


The character may choose a number of willing teammates and allies up to his Cha modifier + 1 (minimum 1), and then make a Tactics (Int) check (DC equal to the number of teammates included × 10). This check possesses the Disposition, Hearing, and Language tags. With success, during the following round, the character and each chosen teammate and ally may act on the character’s Initiative Count, in any order they wish (ignoring their actual Initiative Counts).

If any attack or skill check made as part of a joint action fails, the joint action immediately ends and all subsequent actions by all involved characters are lost.

Each character retains his actual Initiative Count, acting accordingly during later rounds.

Example: Kevin and his 3 buddies raid a Happy Campers Serenity Stronghold. He wants to stage a joint action during which he throws through a frag grenade through a door immediately after one of his partners kicks it open. His Charisma is only 13, so he may only include 2 of his 3 buddies in a Joint Action. He makes a Tactics (Int) check, scoring a 19 — more than enough to set the Joint Action up (1 partner = DC 10). During the following round, both Kevin and his chosen buddy act during his Initiative Count, performing their actions as scheduled. If Kevin’s buddy fails to kick the door open, Kevin may not throw his grenade in the room beyond (not only because the door isn’t open, but because the Joint Action falls apart).

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