A pinned character is heldA held character is vulnerable and may not move or take any non-free action except to attempt a full action Athletics (Str) check to escape the hold. This check possesses the Armor Check Penalty tag. , vulnerableA vulnerable character loses his Dexterity bonus to Defense (if positive), as well as all dodge bonuses to Defense. He may also be targeted with a variety of special effects, such as sneak attack damage. , and may not move or act except to attempt a full-action Athletics (Str) check to break the pin. This check possesses the Armor Check Penalty tag. Also, a pinned character may be bound with static restraints — such as handcuffs — as a free action, and may only speak as the person pinning him allows. Further, a pinned character acts as a hostage, providing the person holding him with 1/2 cover. Finally, each adjacent opponent gains a +4 bonus with unarmed and melee attacks targeting a pinned character.

Spycraft 2.0
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